Wireless Internet

NOTE: CSTO’s wireless network temporarily unavailable while we update our equipment.  Please check back for updates on the status of the network over the next few months.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Castle Square Tenants Organization (CSTO) is proud to offer high speed wireless internet to any interested residents.  CSTO’s high speed wireless internet network has been operational since 2006, serving more than 150 families at Castle Square Apartments.  CSTO is committed to providing affordable technology access options to residents of Castle Square Apartments and the surrounding community.  In addition to our wifi network, we offer affordable technical support and computer classes for residents to assist them in bridging the digital divide.

CSTO is currently exploring options for upgrades to the existing network that will improve reliability and speed, and will more effectively reach all areas of Castle Square Apartments.

The Castle Square Wireless Network began in 2005 with a grant from The Boston Foundation and a generous gift from Winn Companies.  The network was developed by a team of volunteers, workstudy students, Americorps VISTAs, and Castle Square residents, who tested different kinds of wireless equipment throughout the site, and determined the best network infrastructure for the site.  CSTO determined that a new mesh networking software called “Roofnet” that had recently been developed by MIT graduate students was the best option for providing a low cost solution to a large number of units.

Over the next year, CSTO began installing outdoor antennas on apartment roofs, and connecting routers in residents’ apartments.  Within the first year CSTO had connected over 100 families, with average speeds of 1 mb/s per user.  Over the next two years, CSTO made improvements to the network that provided increased download and upload speeds to residents, and moved towards maximizing the efficiency of the wireless antennas.

If you are interested in more information on CSTO’s Wireless Network, please call Emilio at 617-482-4605 or email eflores@cstoboston.org

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